Les Rives Team

Every Les Rives vessel is managed and operated by a highly qualified multinational team with a passion for Vietnamese cultures and this amazing environment. For the past 7 years, Les Rives has benefited from its experience in designing tailor-made journeys for travel agencies and tour operators in Vietnam and worldwide. Our commitment to our customers is absolute and we strive to ensure the best quality and originality.

Les Rives Staff
Les Rives Staff

Today, our team of specialists, who is sharing common values, enables us to assert ourselves as one of the best Speedboat Tour Operators in Vietnam. Our highly experienced team comprises European, North American and Australian members – all long-term residents of Indochina – and together with our Vietnamese colleagues we’re proud to offer memorable, one of a kind experiences with the highest standards in international service, comfort and safety.

Speedboat Safety

Les Rives’s utmost priority is always the well-being of our guests. Our fleet of modern speedboats has been built to international safety standards and is serviced monthly. Every member of Les Rives staff is rigorously trained in safety and medical procedures. A highly-qualified Captain and Engineer, both of whom are legally required to be among the crew of commercial boats, and a tour guide and host to ensure your every need is well cared for, operate each craft.

Les Rives Captain

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